A picture of me

I'm Donnie

I have a fairly varied background: from mathematical research, to teaching, to software engineering and coaching basketball. I am still involved in each of these in some capacity, but I am currently a full-time software engineer working on Rancher.

I primarily work with Go and Python for backend projects, and HTML, CSS, Javascript, and Bootstrap for frontend projects. I have experience building APIs, webapps, websites, and data analytics tools, as well as working with Kubernetes and Helm charts. If you would like to work together on a new prject, please reach out via my company website.


I enjoy building all different kinds of projects from websites to analytic programs to educational software. Check out what I am currently working on or my past projects.


My formal education is in math where I have published papers in peer-reviewed journals. Mathematical research will always be in my life, whether I am researching a new problem or building an analytics project for a sport I follow. Here is a copy of my CV.


Coaching basketball has become a big part of my life. I have expereince coaching at the high school level: beginners to future D-1 athletes. Checkout my experience and philosophy.