About Donnie

I describe myself as a mathematician with an affinity for programming who works in education. That is a little complex, but let me explain.

My formal education is in math; I have a Bachelor's and a Master's degree in math from San Diego State University. I am currently working towards my Doctorate in math at Arizona State University (I hope to finish soon). My research areas include arithmetic and algebraic geometry, number theory, and commutative algebra. These areas have applications to cryptography, communications, machine learning, and theoretical physics. I have a few publications, and I will likely continue my research regardless of my career path.

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The majority of graduate students in math earn a livable wage by teaching classes for the college they are attending. That is exactly how I got into education. I started teaching math in the first year of my Master's program at SDSU in 2008 and never stopped. In all, I have taught at two four-year universities, two two-year colleges, and one high school. When I first started teaching, I never thought that I would make it my career. However, sometimes the plan you have for yourself isn't the correct one. Now, my full-time gig is at a hight school in Phoenix.

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During my education, I found programming and enjoyed it a lot. I started learning different languages and building software in my spare time. The best way to learn a new language or technology is to jump in head-first and build something. I enjoy working in Go, Python, Java, and C++, and I have tried to build something interesting with each language. You can check out my past projects page to get more information. I am always interested in building new things and learning new frameworks. If you have something interesting you would like to talk about, feel free to contact me.