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Basketball Season

Posted on 06/24/2020

I have had the pleasure of coaching basketball at St. Mary's High School in Phoenix, AZ for the past three years. Being a part of a successful program has been a tremendously rewarding experience. My first year, I was a volunteer coach and helped with the varsity team. In my second year, I was the head coach of the freshman team. Last year, my third, I was the head junior varsity coach. That progression has allowed me to grow as a coach, and, having mostly the same team two years in a row, allowed us to improve as a team. In fact, the team improved so much from freshman to JV that I am inspired to write this post.

My first year as a head coach was a bumpy one for everyone. I am the first to admit that I was not a good role model. As a player, I had the reputation of being passionate and aggressive. I believe that this gave me an edge as a player, but as a coach I came across as hot-headed and abusive to the refs. The young men on the team were understanding of my passion and I believe they saw most of my yelling as "having their back." However, I know that it was unprofessional and I am sure that it was part of the reason why we didn't have as many wins as we wanted.

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Updated on 04/02/2021

The Worst Week

Posted on 06/21/2020

This year has not been good for a lot of people. We are going through a global coronavirus pandemic, the turbulent (but hopeful) breakdown of systemic racism, and record unemployment. However, before all of this hit the United States, I had a week that I would not wish on anyone. I feel very comfortable calling it the worst week of my life. I shared a tweet-storm of some of the details on Twitter, but I wanted to include more of the details here.

It started on Saturday, February 15th. My father needed some help at his place in Kingman, AZ so I drove up that morning to help him out. My grandmother called me during the three-and-a-half-hour drive to let me know that her companion, Gary, who had been battling colon cancer, was not doing well and would be going to hospice. She strongly suggested that I travel home to visit him before it was too late. Since Monday was a paid holiday for me (President's Day), I decided to make the drive from Kingman to Northern California, visit Gary on Monday morning, and return to Tempe in time to make it to work on Tuesday. In total it was going to be about 22 hours of driving, but it was important to me and my grandmother that I see Gary before he passed. I arrived at a friend's place around 9pm on Sunday night and made plans to meet my grandmother at the hospice facility on Monday at 9am.

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Updated on 04/02/2021

Leaving St. Mary's

Posted on 03/23/2020

I previously wrote about a full-time position I accepted to teach math, physics, and computer programming at St. Mary's High School in Phoenix. The decision process to accept the position was a very long and difficult one, but, in the end, it turned out to be the right one. I learned more from the kids at St. Mary's than they learned from me. However, I ended up leaving my job at St. Mary's to pursue a new career in software development.

When I first started telling people that I was leaving St. Mary's, they're first response was to ask me about the school where I was going to teach next. I don't think I could teach at any other high school. I loved my time at St. Mary's and, while there were issues I had with the school, I wouldn't have left to teach somewhere else. The move I made was about pursuing a career in a field that I have wanted to work in for some time as well as doing what was in the best interest of my family. It was very difficult to leave St. Mary's. Some of the students and faculty members in my House (SM has a House System) threw me a surprise going-away party during which I was a mess. I've never cried in front of that many people before, but I was truly sad to be leaving the faculty and students that impacted me greatly. In the end, however, I knew that I was making the right decision.

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Updated on 04/02/2021

It's Been Awhile

Posted on 03/22/2020

Wow, I can't believe I haven't written anything for this blog in nearly three years. A lot has happened in those three years -- a lot I want to write about -- but first I would like to just write a quick catch up.

The last post was just after my step-father died. Before that, I wrote about my new full-time job. Life has certainly changed since then. We were still getting used to the fact that my step-father was gone when we had more unexpected death in the family (more on that in a later post), and I know longer teach high school math (again, another post later). I've also interviewed at Google again, but nothing came of that.

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Updated on 04/02/2021

Password Managers

Posted on 05/21/2017

Password managers are a great tool for remembering your passwords and making sure they are random, long, and secure. Some password managers remind you to change your passwords every so often or when there has been a reported breach of a service. However, there is another extremely important reason to use one: leave your important information for your loved ones if the unexpected happens.

As I wrote previously, my step-father passed away unexpectedly. He wasn't the most tech-savvy person, but he did have a couple email accounts and a Twitter account. Most importantly, he had an iPhone with the "Find my iPhone" functionality enabled. In order to turn this functionality off, you need the AppleID and password for the owner of the phone. This is a great security feature that disallows a thief from erasing your phone and using it as their own. However, if you are the rightful owner (or someone has bequeathed a phone to you), you cannot disable "Find My iPhone" without the AppleID password or access to the person's email address to reset the password.

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Updated on 04/02/2021

Bobby Lee Roy Frazier

Posted on 05/13/2017

On April 24th, my step-father died unexpectedly from a heart attack. He had been dealing with a stomach bug and had gotten up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom (presumably to vomit). He collapsed on his way back to bed. My mother, who had been sleeping in a different room because she needed to sleep well before going to work, found him on the floor in the morning. This event was obviously very emotional, and I realized that we did not write a proper obituary or eulogy. Here is my attempt.

Bobby Lee Roy Frazier was born on July 7, 1962 and died on April 24, 2017. He is survived by his wife Joanie, sister Velda, brother David, daughter Tiffany, step-sons Josh, Donnie, and Christopher, and (step-)grandchildren Makyla, Justice, Reality, Blake, Lucas, and Elizabeth.

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Updated on 04/02/2021

ESPN Pre-Draft Rankings

Posted on 03/31/2017

Fantasy sports are a great way to be involved in the sports we love. They give us an excuse to root for players that aren't on our favorite team. They also give us the opportunity for competition and bragging rights.

I have been involved in an ESPN Fantasy Baseball league for about 13 years now. Unfortunately I won't be available for the draft this year and will need to auto-draft my players. I didn't want to manually rank every player on ESPN's list, but I couldn't find anyway to do it automatically. I think it would be nice if ESPN allowed a user to upload a .csv file to update the rankings all at once. Alas, they don't allow one to do that so I had to come up with something else.

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Updated on 04/02/2021

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