New Year Resolutions

Posted on 12/26/2014

I've never done any New Year Resolutions. I think the reason is I hear people talk a lot about how they don't keep them; I didn't want to be a failure. However, this is the year I will make (and keep) a few New Year Resolutions.

First, I want to make use of this blog. I have quite a few half-written blog posts in Editorial, many of which will never be posted here. I want this to change. I feel like I have a few unique perspectives that people may find interesting. At the very least putting things down in writing may help to solidify my thoughts and ideas on the topics. I also put quite a bit of effort into creating this blog from scratch as well as automating the posting process on my iPad and iPhone using Editorial, Workflow, and Launch Center Pro. That shouldn't go to waste.

Next, I want to get in better shape. This is the standard New Year Resolution, but I really mean it. I put a lot of effort into losing weight over the past year. I've also thought a lot about working out, cycling more, and improving my overall health. I've tried using Lift and MyFitnessPal, which have helped a little, but I want to be more disciplined in this area of my life. Getting in shape will help my knees, shoulders, back, and heart - all of the things with which I have been having problems. It's time to turn these thoughts into actions and take my health more seriously.

Lastly, I want to rediscover my passion for math. I've been doing research in math for nearly half my life now and I am in a rut. It is taking much longer for me to finish my PhD than I hoped and I keep making excuses. Finding the passion I once had for math will hopefully give me the final push I need to buckle down and prove something significant. If I can't rediscover that passion, I need to buckle down and finish this anyway.

Next year can be one of the most exciting years of my life: my wife and I could begin the conversation of starting a family, I could finish my PhD, I could find a job, and I could enjoy the last calendar year before I turn 30. Discipline and motivation, specifically the kind detailed above, will hopefully turn those "coulds" into "dids".

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