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Posted on 06/13/2016

Today it was announced that I will own my first legacy Apple computer (an early 2008 iMac) when Apple releases macOS Sierra. I have owned older Apple devices which are no long supported, like an iPhone 3GS and a first generation Intel MacBook, but never when they were no longer on the latest operating system. Even when Apple was charging consumers for the newest version of OSX, I was happily handing over the money to ensure that my machine, which houses some very important and very private data, was receiving regular updates. Now that Apple has deemed my main machine as not worthy of their newest operating system, I am hoping that I won't be left out to dry.

I should be clear that I am not expecting Apple to support and update older machines forever; I understand that is not possible. I also understand that as technology advances and developers release new features, the older hardware is not capable of keeping up. For example, my iMac has has had the maximum amount of RAM (6GB) since the day I purchased it. The people at Apple pride themselves on making quality software that runs on advanced hardware and they charge consumers a significant amount of money. It's not that I don't want to upgrade my hardware, but it is not reasonable for me to upgrade my home machine if it is currently fulfilling my requirements.

The problem, as I see it, is that Apple has taken the approach of controlling every aspect of how users interact with their products. I gladly buy their products with the knowledge that they make the best products for me. However, I hope that I am not forced to buy a new iMac to regain the ability to backup and restore my iPhone 6S when I update it to iOS 10. I hope that I am not forced to by a new computer if someone finds a bug in Safari. I willing to live on with the fact that my current iMac will not have Siri, universal clipboard, and Apple Pay, but I am not willing to pay $1000+ to continue my life as it is now (unless, of course, my logic board catches on fire).

I'm sure Apple with handle this gracefully; they haven't given me any reason to doubt them. However, if Apple's decisions force my technological life to change significantly then the employees at the Chandler Fashion Center Apple Store will be getting a visit for me.

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Updated on 04/02/2021

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