My First Interview

Posted on 03/03/2017

In November I was contacted by a Google recruiter. She wanted to know if I was interested in working for the company. Of course I said, "Yes!" I made it through the entire interview process. Although I was recently told that I would not get an offer, having my first "real" interview with such a large company was an amazing experience.

I guess the process started about a year ago when I applied for a graduate internship with the search giant. I had a relative who worked there (they no longer do), and my application was given to someone who does recruiting for full-time positions. I was asked if I was interested in a full-time position instead of the internship position for which I had applied. I told them I was, but never heard back from them.

Fast-forward to this past November: a different recruiter messaged me to see if I was once again interested in working at Google. I was told that Google does reach out to people they have considered in the past if they see that the candidate has improved their skill set. The recruiter did reference something that indicated that I had been improving my skills. It wasn't a project I worked on or my Github account. They referenced my Hacker Rank account. It is true that I had been practicing and competing on the coding site, but I didn't actually think someone was paying attention. I was doing it for myself. The strangest thing was the email address I use on Hacker Rank is not the same one the recruiter used to contact me. I guess if any company can figure out if two identities are the same, it would be Google.

The entire experience was great. I learned a lot about programming, interviewing, Google, and myself. There was a 99.9% chance that I would have accepted a position if one were offered to me, but, at this point in my life, I am glad that I don't have to move to the San Francisco Bay Area (it would have been nice to be closer to my family, however). I was told that Google might reach out to me again in a year or so. If they do, I'll be ready.

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Updated on 04/02/2021

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