My projects fall into four categories: day job, freelance, math, and hobby. I try to limit myself to one project at a time in each category so I don't get too bogged down. My interests are varied, but I am usually working on things related to programming, education, mathematical research, or sports.

Day Job

I recently accepted a full-time position teaching and developing curriculum at a high school. This is my first teaching experience at the high school level and things are going well so far. I am teaching precalculus, physics, and introduction to programming. This is the first time in a while that any sort of computer programming is being offered at this high school. I am developing the curriculum on my own with guidance from Dr. Eck's Introduction to Programming using Java.

You can see some information on classes I taught previously here.


I don't have any freelance work right now. I have been speaking with a perspective client regarding some consulting and technical work for their personal medical practice. This seems very promising and I look forward to the possibility of learning more about technology in the medical field.

Previously, I built and designed websites for clients. I also extended some functionality and improved automation for a company which allowed them to grow much more quickly than they previously thought possible.


I am currently working towards finishing my PhD in math. It has taken me much longer than I anticipated, but I am working on my dissertation problem and hope to complete it soon. My research is focused on algebraic cycles on Calabi-Yau threefolds. Specifically, how homological and algebraic equivalence differ when looking at codimension 1 cycles. We know that homological and algebraic equivalence are very different for non-rigid Calabi-Yau threefolds. The proofs are analytic in nature, and we are seeking a purely algebraic proof. The hope is that by finding such a proof, the rigid case would be more approachable.

You can see more information about my previous research here..


I am currently working on a Telegram bot to play Cards Against Humannity with friends. The game is currently functional, although it is down right now. I plan to finish it soon and run it for other to use. You can see my progress here.

You can read about some of my past hobby projects here.