Minimal by thedadams

Minimal is a watchface for the Pebble Smartwatch. It was designed and created by me, Donnie. It displays the time, month, date, and day of the week. The time is displayed in a rather nontraditional fashion, and you have a choice as to exactly how it is done. By default, the hand points in the direction of the hour and the large number in the center is the minutes past the hour. For example, the screenshot first below is displaying the time 4:10 and the second is showing 9:48.

Minimal Screenshot 1

Minimal Screenshot 2

I also created a blog post to give an idea of how I came to this design and these features.

You can check out my other Pebble watchfaces here.

Minimal Screenshot 3

You can also choose to have the hand point in the direction of the minutes and the number in the center represent the hour. The screenshot above is an example of this; it is showing the time 2:25.

You'll notice a few other things in the screenshots. In version 2.3 of Minimal the user can choose to enable five different settings. They are:

If you would like to download Minimal for your Pebble, please click here. Also, if you have any suggestions, comments, or questions, please do not hesitate to contact me via or Twitter.